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A Little Time Warp

In this year's incarnation of Double-Secret-Eastern-Orthodox-Christmas*, we are flying to Oakland with a connection in Long Beach. Long Beach is an itty-bitty** airport, where you disembark on the tarmac, and the terminal building has palm trees growing next to it (and also towering over it). Overall, it has a bit of an old-school feel that made me remark to firstfrost, "This is like a '50's movie. I kind of expect to hear some bouncy California-type theme music." Whereupon, as we approached the terminal building, we heard the theme music being played on outdoor speakers.

All serving to remind me that my premonitions are not always bad.

Mood has improved markedly over mid-December. I am becoming increasingly confident that a new approach to work is necessary in order to preserve what's left of my mental health.

* firstfrost's family gathers for Christmas in early January, to avoid scheduling conflicts. I add the double-secret modifier because the Eastern Orthodox church actually has other reasons for this.

** My standard of comparison is Madison, Wisconsin, where the airport is pretty small, but they actually use jetways for most aircraft. Anything smaller than that is classified as itty-bitty in my database.

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