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A Territorial Dispute

When we moved in here in 2004, there were a couple of cats living across the street. One (Apollo) has always been super-friendly, and the other (Snowball--you can imagine what she looks like) started out very aloof, and slowly became willing to be scritched on the head, and nothing more.

Last year, another neighbor got a new cat named Princess, who in recent weeks has been out and about for the first time. Of course, there are now some territory squabbles. Princess can mostly defend her front porch and her water bowl, but that's about it. Sucks to be the new cat on the block.

Today, I go for a walk, and see Snowball right outside my house, so I go to pet her. All good. Then I see Princess outside, and start ambling over toward her, because she shows signs of being a possible future lap cat. Snowball--ordinarily just as happy to be ignored as to be petted--positions herself between me and Princess, hissing at Princess. OK...walk across the street, around Snowball, toward Princess. Snowball moves to intercept, plants herself between us, and continues intimidating Princess.

OK. Walk away. Snowball walks with me. Turn around, walk toward Princess. Snowball walks with me. I'm covered.

Go away on my walk, come back half an hour later to find Snowball ensconced in her usual spot in front of her house. (She's kind of hilarious that way. In the middle of the summer, that's behind some very leafy bushes, so she can barely be seen, so it's a fine hidey place. Right now, she's a white cat sitting in a yard full of dirt. Fortunately, no predators in this environment; just people who want to pet her.) As I walk past, she jumps up and escorts me to my house. Not that Princess is even within sight at this point; Snowball is taking no chances.

I'm the territory. Who would have guessed?

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